Surface 604 presents the Next Generation in Smart E-bikes

Surface 604 has a reputation of offering quality built electric bicycles that give you the freedom to move on two wheels. Our flagship product – the Boar – a fat-tire e-bike, proved to be a game changer for those looking for something tough enough to handle the grittiest terrains.

But as successful as Project Boar continues to be, the market for its design and function remains limited and targeted. In order to remain competitive in the e-bike market, and to ensure we’re providing the best possible products that allow a wider variety of people to start riding, we are thrilled to introduce the Yunbike C1 to the North American market – a compact, lightweight, and stylishly designed urban e-bike that is affordably priced at just $999.

The C1 has been specifically designed and built for the modern city cyclist. The aluminum frame and lithium ion battery mean that unlike its heavier counterparts, the C1 weighs just 35lbs; perfect for carrying in and out of the apartment and heading off to work. With two frame options – classic or step-through – and a range of colors, these bikes offer something for everyone, without a hint of compromise.

As an electric assist city bike, the C1 provides you with the added boost you need to tackle any hill, without giving up on the joy of pedaling. Imagine cycling to an important meeting without having to worry about losing your breath or breaking a sweat. The battery holds enough power to travel up to 50 km on a full charge, so you never have to think about finding time between appointments to recharge your battery.

What makes the C1 special is not just its agility or the freedom to pedal anywhere life takes you. It offers so many features; you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

The C1 is a smart electric bike, which means that through the built-in smart system that communicates directly with an app on your mobile device, tracking your speed, distance ridden, and battery life is at your fingertips. The handlebar display and throttle also contains a USB port that charges your mobile device as you pedal to your destination. Additionally, the removable battery includes a convenient USB power bank with enough energy for 22 individual device charges.

Even the battery is more than just a power source. Its discrete placement at the rear keeps the design sleek and stylish, as well as providing a built-in rear light. Paired with a front light, the integrated LED system means you’re set for riding into the night.

While budget has played a factor in the growth of electric urban commuters, the C1 – with a retail price of just $999 – is the most affordable electric smart bike on the market, and an excellent option for anyone looking to experience the joy of e-bikes.