Boar E350 Featured on Cover of Electric Bike Action Magazine

If you’ve been following Surface 604 on Facebook in recent months, then you may have noticed a most exciting development. Electric Bike Action Magazine – America’s first magazine about electric bikes – featured our game-changing fat bike on the cover of their February 2016 issue, along with a glowing six-page review.

Considered by many in the industry to be the definitive source for all things e-bike, Electric Bike Action Magazine (EBAM) is published six times per year, in both print and electronic formats, including an impressive number of electric bike retailers.

Hugely improved and worthy of its all-terrain creed

Hugely improved and worthy of its all-terrain creed

In a span of just over 12 months, the market has been flooded with electric-assist fat bikes of all shapes, sizes, and prices. So when EBAM got a glimpse of our Boar E350 at last year’s Interbike, they were eager to see what makes our bike stand out amongst the rest.

Riding on a variety of terrains, including everything from pavement, gravel, dirt and even loose sand, EBAM but the Boar E350 to the test – and the review reflects their attention to detail.

Fat bikes certainly aren’t for everyone, but EBAM offers some helpful tips on how to maximize the efficiency of the Boar and have a comfortable ride.

“Road surfaces that are hideous for bicycles are shrugged off by these giant tires.” EBAM knows that a comfortable ride starts with great tires and correct pressure, so that’s where they started their review.
They examine the varying tire pressures best for each terrain, noting that while the Boar’s Kenda Juggernaut 26×4.0in tires max air pressure in 30 psi, they rarely went over 20. This allowed for maximum traction and comfort, whether on a lower psi (5-10) for loose gravel and sand, or maxing out on 20 psi for pavement.

“Without e-assist we would not want to ride pavement on a fat bike, but with the push from assist, the bike is a more than capable commuter.”
That is high praise for a bike generally thought to be best suited for off-road cycling. The Boar E350 is equipped with Bafang’s hub motor, designed and built specifically for fat bikes. As EBAM highlights, not only is the motor at home in the large tire, but the performance makes everything from the initial pedal to long rides a breeze.

Game changing electric fat bike

All of our riders tended to copy what David White is doing here—look for the softest and loosest dirt.

Of course, a motor is only as good as its battery, and we’re pleased to report that the Boar’s battery exceeded expectations. Although a full charge takes 4-6 hours, the 36V/13.3 Ah (478 Wh) Samsung Lithium-ion
battery lasts for approximately 1000 cycles. For EBAM, this meant that after a 13-mile ride for a fit rider, and not exceeding level 3 of e-assist, the battery was still nearly full and ready for another ride.

After testing the Boar E350 throughout all types of terrain, at a variety of e-assist levels, EBAM found that our e-bike stood up against conditions that would be a nightmare for normal mountain bikes. And while it won’t be replacing road bikes anytime soon, the Boar is providing riders with an all-purpose bike to take you from the street to the trail with relative ease.

“We’re happy to report that the Boar provides a vastly improved off-road experience while still offering remarkable on-road performance,“ they conclude rather enthusiastically. For EBAM, the Boar E350 is a “true all-terrain e-bike.”

We are really proud of how well the Boar stands up to other fat tire e-bikes, and thank EBAM for their amazing review! If you want to read the detailed review, check out our Press page, which features this and other great press about how the Boar E350 is making riding easier and fun for all types of riders.

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